In India, Bribe Key Officials And Do Business

In India, bribe key officials and do business. This method has been referred to by one of the biggest management consultant firms of the world, McKinsey & Company. After it was published in The New York Times (TNYT), McKinsey deny to have advised such unethical scheme.
American Boeing 787 Dreamliner needed higher percentage of Titanium to make it lighter and durable in order to compete with its counterpart Airbus of Europe. Bothli Trade AG (BTAG) , an international business firm, had already MOU with our Indian state Andhra Pradesh for mining Titanium. There were, as usual, in addition to environmental concerns, violent reaction of locals people. In 2006 McKensy provided a document to Boeing to help them to evaluate potential Joint Venture (JV) with BTAG since BTAG had connection with Mr. Dmitry Firtash, a Ukranian oligarch. The document was a single Power Point Presentation which stated that Mr.Firtash group and BTAG “has identified key Indian Officials and have crafted a strategy to gain their influences.” The strategy included “invest significantly on infrastructure and employment in India and respecting traditional bureaucratic process including use of bribes.” Interestingly those key officials were named alongwith their positions, as per TNYT news, although the names were not published. The oligarh, did recommend for bribing, the Austrian Judge observed. Mr. Firtash was arrested in 2014 and released against cash bond of $175 million. After the news, on 31st December 2018 McKinsey reacted, saying that it gives an inaccurate impression of the practices of their firm and that they never recommended their client engage in bribery or other illegal acts.

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